• Essence Trial Set- 精華 輕旅行 體驗組 - 5 pcs
  • Essence Trial Set- 精華 輕旅行 體驗組 - 5 pcs


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[Product details] 
is "C essence," "Excellent biotechnology EX100," "vegetable collagen MC100" each 5ml, "Moisture Lotion" (10ml × 2 pcs.) Is Trial Set that contains. So we become the best prices, please try us. This item is, and will be up to you as one person one can try to more of everyone.

"C essence" (5mL), "Excellent biotechnology EX100" (5mL), "vegetable collagen MC100" (5mL), "Moisture Lotion" (10mL) 2 this ×

Estimated use amount per one] 
"C essence" 50-yen coin-sized, "Excellent bio EX100" 100-yen coin-sized, "vegetable collagen MC100" 10-yen coin-sized, "Moisture Lotion" 500-yen coin large (if you use a lotion alone)

[Storage method] 
"Excellent biotechnology EX100" and "vegetable collagen MC100" After opening, store in the refrigerator. "C essence," "Moisture Lotion" is keep away from direct sunlight to heat and humidity.


規格型號 TRIAL-ESN-5
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